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When The Night

When The Night
Edition Charlie 2012-2013

one item . one artist . one hundredWe invited artists, photographers and designers to create a CHARLIE-exclusive item. Limited to 100 pieces, the object will be revealed on the first Saturday of every month at CHARLIE and will be given away as a gift to the visitors –first come, first served!
Now we made a catalogue with 12 artist editions of one Year. Self- published. 500 pieces. 116 pages.
The presentation took place on the 08/14/2013 at goldene Bar / Haus der Kunst in munich.


Publisher: Sandra Forster, Benjamin Röder, Art Direction: Thomas Kartsolis , Editor: Sabine Magnet, Artwork: Benjamin Röder, Photographers: Benjamin Röder, Fabian Beger, Manuel Kim Derra, Marvin Schumann, Ralf Zimmermann, Philipe Fthenakis, Jisho Lang, Martin Fengel, Klaus Fürmaier, Ernst Georg Gaul, Maximilian Geuter, Sarah Illenberger, Gerhardt Kellermann, Daniel Schnitterbaum, Armin Smailovic, Olaf Unverzart. Works by: Olaf Unverzahrt, Mirko Borsche, Martin Fengel, Ayzit Bostan, Olaf Metzel, Saskia Diez, Maximilian Geuter, Klaus Fürmaier, Armin Smailovic, Nitzan Cohen, Sarah Illenberger, Nigin Beck